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About lab.

Our Goal

We collect, edit, analyze, and share the spatial information about things happening in the world and aim to achieve collaborative and smart society toward problem solving.

Observe / Measure

We utilize data from mobile phones, GPS, sensors, satellite imagery to observe and measure people, entities, phenomena in our urban / rural regions.

Understand / Predict

We develop and apply simulation models to understand the past and predict the future.

Share / Support

We share the understanding and prediction results to avoid risk and support collaboration toward problem solving.


We give students opportunities to process and analyze data, cope with current spatial design and social regulations, and inspire the society. We also work on outreach activity including the exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) which was awarded at the Japan Media Arts Festival. Global outreach is also our priority. We aim to bring our projects (survey, negotiation, collaboration, practice) to international scale from the beginning.


Our aim is to train talents who can open up new field (science or business) and contribute the society. It requires imagination, planning, execution, and ability to team up. However, too much mentoring causes dependency, too less slows down the outcome. We encourage students to own their research through presentation at conferences (especially international conferences with diverse background / expertise), while allowing them the self-control with self-paced deadlines. Students are encouraged to give presentations once a year at international academic conferences.

Call for Students

We cover a very broad academic area and subjects, so we welcome students from different backgrounds. The current members came from many different universities in different countries, with their majors in architecture, civil engineering, computer science, and environmental science. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Shibasaki (shiba(at)csis.u-tokyo.ac.jp) directly.