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06-18  “Resilience in Environment Planning B” co-edited by Visiting Professor KE Seetharam is published
04-03  Call for Papers on High-Speed Rail, Equity, and Inclusion
04-03  Call for Papers on Analyzing Infrastructure Impacts in Asia Through Big Data
04-03  Call for Papers on Sanitation and Development
07-30  Visiting Professor KE Seetharam publishes an article “Reading the World: Maximizing the Results of High-Speed Rail in India’s Bullet Train” (In Japanese:世界を読む インド新幹線で考える高速鉄道の成果の最大化) at International Development Journal
03-12  “Handbook on High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life” edited by Visiting Professor KE Seetharam is published
10-30  Call for Papers on Resilience of Cities to External Shocks: Analysis, Modeling and Economic Impacts
09-02  Visiting Professor KE Seetha Ram at the National High-Speed Rail Corporation seminar
07-22  Book “Principles of Infrastructure: Case Studies and Best Practices” edited by Visiting Professor KE Seetharam has been published online by ADBI
04-26  Visiting Professor KE Seetharam publishes an article “A step forward in attracting private sector financing for infrastructure projects” at Asia Pathways
01-28  Visiting Professor KE Seetharam gives presentation at the International Conference on “Transportation Infrastructure Projects – Conception to Execution ” (TIPCE 2019)
01-11  Professor Shibasaki and Visiting professor KE Seetharam attended the conference on digital infrastructure in India hosted by the broadband India forum.
06-11  Visiting Professor KE Seetha Ram shared views on Indian Economy on NHK World
05-25  Shibasaki lab online briefing sessions
05-25  Yoshiki Ono, Go Matsubara, Masafumi Ono, and Ryosuke Shibasaki win Excellence Award at Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo
05-18  Mohamed Batran(M2) wins the third place at Falling Walls Lab Tokyo 2018
05-17  Mohamed Batran(M2) wins “Best research paper presentation award” at ACRS-2017
10-07  G-SPASE program wins Good Design Awards 2017
06-06  Posters were exhibited in IIS Open House
02-04  Project Professor Yamada Wins an Excellence Award from the Advanced Road Technology Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
06-26  Shun Ikezawa(M2) wins “Young Perspective Researcher Award” at 6th ICC&GIS
03-31  Motoki Kimura (M2) won The University Tokyo President’s Award 2015
02-29  Ritsu Sakuramachi won 2015 SCES Master Thesis Award
11-13  Yoshiki Ogawa(D2) and Takeshi Wada(M1) wins “Young Researcher Scholarship Award” at Japan-Korea GIS International Symposium
11-06  Fan Zipei Wins Honorable Mention Award at UBICOMP 2015
10-07  Professor Shibasaki Wins the 2015 Chinese Government Friendship Award
08-08  CDR utilization project appears on Sierra Leone local media